Tuesday, August 18, 2009

No Pain, No Gain

It's hard to believe summer is already over! The morning I woke up in my own bed at home was a little weird, and I admit, a little hard. God made his faithfulness and love so apparent this summer and I loved every second I was gone. I met some pretty amazing people, had some cabins I wanted to take home with me and got to love on so many kids from 8-18 years old.

I'll start with a list I made after Berea so I wouldn't forget to let you all know. Here are some highlights/wicked cool things God did with us at Berea:
-This was my 3rd week with the Peck sisters-Alli and Jessie-who played guitar and keys with us (i only wish we'd been able to take them to LiLoLi with us!)
-Alli got to counsel Tuesday-Sat when one counselor got sick
-Berea's kick drum was my favorite.
-the campers thought we were rockstars, that was just fun
-We had a daily challenge as a team against any cabin interested which was so effective in getting to know the kids, even though we weren't counseling.
-We killed this one cabin three times in ultimate frisbee, but we all had fun doing it.
-there were several kids who got saved-during the worship set! (what? not at the invitation time? i know)
-I learned more names of these 230 girls than the previous week of 80 campers
-It challenged me as I was reading Judges to see Jesus even there.
-Got to help with Alli's cabin devos 2 nights
-They served wicked good salad bar every lunch and dinner
-Hilarious skits by their program team
-We were blessed with time to go into town and get Dunkin Donuts for the counselors (and I say "we" meaning Jodi, Patti and Kels, I actually just benefited from this, I didn't do it myself)
-Counselor meetings were great as we went through some proverbs
-We stayed in a sweet cabin overlooking the lake, we had a deck and easy-access to the waterfront.
-I kyaked with the rest of the team who swam "the black band": across the 1.3, (or 1.4, or 2, there was a dispute) mi lake.
-I got to follow-up with a camper I had 3 years ago, who was a lifeguard this summer (and our hook-ups to the lake whenever we wanted to swim)

Wednesday was our favorite highlight, so it's a little more in-depth:
We were all swimming while Jodi was talking to a camper on the beach. You have to have a buddy when you are in the water, so Kels was the buddy of a camper who didn't have one. Jessie and I decided to get out and were drying off on my rock (someone had etched in "BETH" years ago, so I call it mine), having a grand old time making funny acronyms for "beth," when a camper came up and asked if one of us would be her buddy. We looked at each other like, "who wants to go?" cause we'd just gotten out, and Jessie graciously went with the camper. I debated going back to the cabin and drying off, but I was having fun watching kids get blobbed right in front of me, and I hadn't had many opportunities to tan in this very rainy summer so I sat for a little bit. after just a few minutes, a camper, named Cassie, came up and asked to sit on the rock with me. I of course said she could, and we proceeded to talk for almost 2 hours about questions she had about the Bible, how to read it, where to read, etc. It was awesome.
I had to cut it short when Jessie came over and told me it was almost time for practice (music was our one job at camp). When we got to practice, someone mentioned how great the afternoon had been and all of us at once started to agree and tell the group of whom we'd talked to about what. It turned out that the kid Jodi talked to was the camper we'd heard about whose parents had been livid when they found out her uncle had signed her up for a Christian camp over the course of her conversation with her, she and some other campers led this girl to the Lord! Kelsey's was also able to talk to the girl whose buddy she'd been and that girl had a very similar situation to Jodi's and so that was encouraging for them. Alli had a good 1on1 with one of her campers and I got to talk to Cassie as a result of Jessie's willingness to buddy that other camper. so it was a really exciting band practice.

Leaving Berea as probably the hardest goodbye of the summer, because we'd gotten to know so many of the campers and counselors and the week had gone by at a perfect speed-it didn't drag on and it didn't fly by too fast to even think about. But it was hardest chiefly because it meant saying goodbye to the Pecks when their dad came to pick them up at Dunkin Donuts on our way to LiLoLi. Those girls are something else-more mature and in love with Jesus than I was at their ages (19 and 15) for sure, and just great company. I hate to pick favorites when anyone could read this, but aside from Verdugo (cause it's like home, and my cabin there was something awesome, and their food is still the best), Berea this year was it.

Li Lo Li

But we had to go. So we got to LiLoLi a little later than planned, due to Steve Peck's hold-up at the border (yay, more time with Alli and Jessie!). We breifly met the other counselors and then went straight to bed.
My first cabin at LiLoLi was SO stinkin cool. They were way fun, but also loved to sleep. We were in bed so early the first night that we completely missed the staff bringing around rootbeer floats! But me and my co-counselor Andrea were fine with that.
The theme was changed lives. Week 1 we talked about Peter and week 2, Paul.
Tuesday of the first week the speaker did a message on Hell-out at Ft. Seneca, in the dark with the fire going. I was little scared that it'd be all hype and scary, but not substantial. But I was wrong. He was very straightforward and stuck to the Bible on describing the kind of place Hell is and who ends up there. Before my cabin got thru the gate of the fort on our way back to the cabin, they were peppering us with questions and concerns; one just exclaimed "I need to get saved!" So the whole way back, we talked, Andrea with some and I with others from our cabin. One of my girls began a relationship with God that night, before we even got back to the cabin!
The rest of the 2 weeks were a blast, and I shan't bore you with but one or two more details: -Week 2 it rained so hard mon and tues that we were allowed to ride tubes down the overflowing creek-something that hadn't happened since Patti was a camper!
-My team the second week was close to winning till our most athletic guy got sick and had to go home-but we still stuck in 3rd, and they were great kids.
-I taught my cabin Bang and "He is Wonderful," my new favorite worship song.
-Mama and Papa Bear sent us a care package from Cali-with Verdugo CINNAMON ROLLS in it!!

Leaving LiLoLi wasn't as hard as leaving Berea, and I didn't really even feel the weight of the end of the summer until I was at home. I was excited to come home and see people and I had been with the team so long it didn't really feel like I was really going to be away from them, even though I was.

I have been blessed beyond what I could have imagined this summer, I thank you all for your prayers. Currently I am looking for a job, as I feel this is the wisest option for the moment, but keep praying, because I hope those Canadians will be part of my everyday life again.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rained On, But Not Rained Out

WOW. What a week! or a couple of weeks... We just got back to Bradford after a great adventure across Canada. For pics see my facebook, but I'll recap that quickly before telling you about Eagle's Cove.

We spent 4th of July in WA, left the next day and drove all the way up to Jasper National park Alberta. Nope that will take too long to write that way: Jasper to Banff saw a bear and some "Elkibou," Bang! (Banff is french for Bang you know) oil change in Calgary, nothing in Saskaetchewan, oh, except an ice cream stand and an accidental visit to Alli Peck's college! Awkward farm visit, Bang! lake winnepeg, rain, eating at a casino, more rain, kakabeka falls, no moose, Thunder Bay.

We got to Eagle's Cove, which is about 30 min outside Thunder Bay, ON, friday night thinking we would have a few days to settle and prepare for camp, as we were the 1st week of camp. But this was not so. We were the 2nd. I met Bera and Bonita, the directors, as well as Kya, their 7 mo old Phyrrenese guard dog (she's gonna be a beast when she's full-grown) and Bonita informed us that the Reserve that was to bring up most of the campers cancelled on us. We prayed about what to do regarding that and sunday decided to run "play days" at a few low-income housing complexes in Thunder Bay that Tina and Stephan (a swiss couple who'd lived at camp last year and were back for a month this year- with the cutest kids) had connections with. The rest of the time we got to do some more discipleship type stuff with the Hub staff who came up from Bradford to be the camp staff for the week (they are mostly college-age).

We had 2 days lined up-tues and wed.-so monday we prepared (brainstormed activities, built games, etc) and then went into town to pass out flyers at the 2 complexes. Up until this point we had had fairly great weather, sunny, a little wind, but nice. Tuesday we awoke to dark skies. OK, to make a long story short, we got a thrid complex for Thursday and every single day we woke up to rain, prayed, went ahead with the play day and saw no more than a little misting the whole time they went on. Wednesday's play day we were really praying for sunshine, and while the cliouds still covered the sky, I met not one, but two little girls named sunshine. God is so funny isn't he?

We held staff devos every morning and evening and it was just so cool to see the Hub kids 9they aren't really kids, but ya know) learning and being challenged and being wiling to serve even though it was in a totally different capacity than they had planned. Last night we got some attacks by the enemy, but God just spoke through Jodi, addressing it in devos and we ended the night with a really awesome time of prayer. No one could have expected this week to go the way it did, but God had an amazing plan that was so much better than ours. Keep praying that we will always be sensitive to his direction.

Prayer requests:
-Angelo was not able to go because of his seizure. He is doing well, but the Dr.'s don't know what caused it. However, his absence gave the Hub staff a great opportunity to step up and they knocked our socks off.

-4 more weeks of camp-energy and focus

-Kelsey is not deathly ill like last year, praise the Lord, the antibiotics we got her after verdugo and the rest she was able to get at lakeside really got her back up to par.

-I am looking very much forward to getting to encourage some younger girls who might not be campers at the next 2 camps we'll be at We're just doing the music (and of course Jodi is speaking), so I won't have a cabin.

-keep my cabin from verdugo in prayer. there were some very hurting girls in that group and it just broke my heart.

-money: 1. we usually pay to go up and help at eagle's cove, but because there were no campers, they told the 4 of us we would not have to. 2. generous people sent Jodi and Patti money 3. we found a stack of cash at home we'd forgotten. God is so good.

thanks so much.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

But How...

"But how can they call on him unless they believe in him and how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him and how can they hear about him unless someone tells them? so faith comes by hearing, that is the good news about Christ." Rom. 10:14-17

That was the daily verse on Thursday this week at Lakeside Bible Camp. I thought it fitting as I had a one-on-one with one of my campers who was totally eager to receive the Lord, she had simply never heard about his truth before!

We've just complete our second week of camp and we're all already tired, but this week driving back across Canada should be relaxing enough. We go straight to Thunder Bay, ON for Eagle's Cove, which I hear is like no camp I have ever been to, or will go to. These kids are all from crazy home lives and certainly not church kids. I can't wait. I get to lead a cabin that week and then get a break at Pine Orchard and Berea to just do music! After Berea we go straight to New York where I get to lead a cabin of high schoolers for 2 weeks! I knew, but it was confirmed in me this week that I am all about high schoolers! At Lakeside my co-cabin leader, well all the co-cabin leaders, were high schoolers and I loved my cabin but I really felt like I connected with and was able to encourage them, so I am way looking forward to LiLoLi.

If you'd like to see pictures, check my facebook.

prayer requests:
health-kelsey got sick after verdugo but is on the mend. her staying healthy would be great.
Angelo, the leader of the group going to eagle's cove had an inexplicable seizure. the younger Hub leaders are going to need to step up. and please pray the doctors figure out what is wrong.

Friday, May 22, 2009

One Year

One year ago I had a couple of staples in my head.

One year ago I could barely walk around my house without needing a nap by the time I got to the living room couch.

One year ago I was getting used to the idea of not getting to travel camps for the summer.

But this year, I am getting ready to finally go (Lord willing)!
I'd ask that you keep me and my team in prayer as we will be spending 7 weeks at 6 different camps. Here's a quick run-down of our team and what we do:
Jodi: main speaker
Kelsey: also speaks some, leads worship on guitar, skits
Patti: back-up guitar, powerpoint, skits and games sometimes- actually she does anything and everything, she's just an awesome servant.
I will be playing drums with Kelsey (and we'll be joined by Alli Peck on keyboard at 3 of the camps), as well as helping with skits, and counseling at Verdugo, Lakeside and LiLoLi.

Our roles change a little depending on the camp, but that's the general idea. The campers at each camp differ in age; some camps are elementary school age, some jr. high, and others, high school; some camps are all girls, others are co-ed.

Things to be praying for now:
-focus: i'm still trying to move into camp mode. Camp work is exhausting, but fulfilling-unless you're not focused on God, then it can bea real drag.
-God's financial provision: He's always so good about that though (c; (and on that note, I was able to work enough this semester to save and cover my bills while I am gone-glory!).
-While the focus is on camp this summer, I also am seeking God as to what I should do after the summer is over-I would appreciate your prayers on that as well.

I'll be posting blogs periodically to keep you updated with specific prayer requests (hopefully every week) and news. I will probably be checking my email and facebook (hopefully posting pics!) whenever I can, but I LOVE getting real mail, so if you want to send me some, below are the addresses I have and the dates I will be at each camp. Thanks for your support!

Verdugo Pines Bible Camp: June 20-27th
P.O. Box 1989
Wrightwood, CA 92397

Lakeside Bible Camp: June 28th-July 4th
P.O. Box 310
Clinton, WA 98236

Eagle's Cove: July 12-18th

Pine Orchard: July 19-24th
Box 184
1100 Gorham St. Suite 11B
Newmarket, ON, Canada

Camp Berea: July 25th-August 1st
68 Berea Rd
Hebron, NH 03241

Camp Li-Lo-Li: August 2-15th
8811 Sunfish Run Road
Randolph, NY 14772

Monday, March 23, 2009

At Least A Visit

It's been a while. A lot has happened, but I 'll restrict my comments to Canada and my brain as much as possible.

Two weeks ago, I had my follow-up angiogram. The coil on my aneurysm is fine, no problems. The AVM is gone too, but the Dr. saw an "early blood vessel." He thinks it is most likely scar tissue, but wants another angiogram in a year just to keep an eye on it. It's nothing to be alarmed about, for certain, not because were it not scar tissue it could be another AVM, but because we shouldn't be afraid of things that can hurt our bodies, but concerned with our souls. So we'll just keep an eye on it, like the Dr. says.

Now for the Canadian news:
If the Lord wills, I will be traveling again with Jodi, Patti and Kelsey this summer! We start with Verdugo Pines girls camp in June and go from there. I'll post dates and addresses later, in case you want to send me mail! There's nothing like getting mail at camp.

That's about it for now. I'd appreciate continued prayer for direction in the future.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I think this is the end of the first book in The Chronicles

Have you ever hit construction while you're driving and you try and go around it, but actually have no idea where you are going? Have you ever successfully arrived at your destination afterward, having totally flown by the seat of your pants, and surprised yourself even more than your passengers who you tried to convince that you actually knew what you were doing? I actually do this quite frequently, and kind of get a thrill out of it.

That is what my life feels like.

But of course, that's not exactly what it's like; because instead of accidentally stumbling across a road I am familiar with, there is actually someone else in the driver's seat steering me to the right place, as I sit and try to figure out why God decides to take me this route-not in a frustrated sort of way, but in a let's-see-if-I-can-figure-this-one-out sort of way. It's thrilling.

Some of you have heard, and others may not even have known that my Canadians and I were reconsidering when I should move out there, now that my brain is pretty much back to normal. So here is the next chapter of the Chronicles of Canadia:

After much prayer and weighing options, I was really pretty ok with staying here, subbing, coaching, working with the youth at church, whatever; but also totally alright with leaving for Canada in a second. Both options had pros and cons and I really didn't feel led in either direction. SO, after reconveining with the Canadians and sharing that with them, they shared that they, and those that had been praying with them, did not really feel at peace about me coming out right now. There's more to it than that I guess, but to keep you from falling asleep, we'll leave it at that.

Even as I am getting excited about the things I'll be doing here at home still, I do think on some of what I will miss not giong to Canada now; but I do think at this point, that it may be on the horizon still, just maybe a little further away than I had thought.

What I will be doing here, and am getting excited about includes, getting to coach CC and Lord willing, BBall, again; restarting Living ICE at church after it's hiatus upon my hospitalization; and of course, just working (as a sub again) so as to be able to actually make my car and school payments. Along with that, I am going to be forced to grow up a little and be an adult (ugh), having to take care of my own medical insurance and things like that. That, along with my long-term vision of the coffee shop which may or may not happen in Canada, I am applying at The Coffee Bean, and if that doesn't work out, I suppose I could handle working at Starbucks. It is a sad thing though, that Lancaster does not have a Peet's at which I could work...*sigh*

Note: Since this blog was originally set up to inform my friends, family, and stalkers of my adventures in the Great White North, I will likely not be updating it as often as I would, were I actually in the Great White North. If you further wish to stalk me, please refer to my facebook. OR you could actually speak with me by emailing or calling at your convenience. thank you.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Home from the Hospital and Focusing Forward

Monday I finally had my infamous surgery, Praise the Lord! I bled a little into the existing cavity, but that should resolve itself soon, and today, (Friday) I was released from the hospital to go home. Woot! Thanks SO much to all of you who prayed-many of you twice-for the surgery. I'll have a follow-up angiogram in 6 months.

I talked with Jodi and Patti today-and God- and I'm still planning on going to Canada, probably in a month or so. Here are some things you can be praying about for the Canadian plans (yes this is the shift back to blogging about Canada and less about my head, Thank God):

1. Medical Care- I'm on my parents insurance until taxes (April), which means I have a buffer, but should move asap, as it takes 3 months of residency to apply for Canadian Healthcare. Thankfully, though, Jodi and Patti know a Christian Dr. out there that, barring emergencies, will probably be able to take care of little things.

2. Money- the way we'll be living is very much by faith. Think of Acts where people sold their houses to meet each other's needs, or any cool story you've heard of God sending random checks right when they are needed. They do have some regular supporters that cover rent andutilities and such. Bottom line, if God wants me there-which as of now I am convinced he does-I know he will provide. But I'm sort of joining the family out there, as I'll be living with Jodi and Patti and so all our expenses are sort of just all of ours (food, rents etc). So you can be praying for provision there. All I really need is $200 for school payments, and I figure if God can fix a blood vessek in my brain, he can probably handle that. So be in prayer for that.
lastly there are a few small bills I'd like to knock out before I go (credit card, etc). I will be subbing until I leave so pray God will provide enough to get rid of those.

3. Coffee- As of now I'll probably be working closly with the high school drop-in ministry at the local HS and with the youger leadership at the HUB (youth center). They are mostly college-age and many were saved thriugh the HUB, and essentially run it, under Brian (or Baldy)'s supervision. I'll get the opportunity to misniter to them through leadership training and stuff. I'd LOVE for that to happen through an idea God put on my heart a couple years ago-a coffee shop designed to help connect the kids and build them spiritually. That is still in the works. Pray for a particular community sr. group who meet in a room that is in the same building as the HUB who don't wnat to give it up. We'd like to rennovate it-let them continue to use it their 8 hours a week, and the rest of the time run the coffee shop out of it. Right now they've said no. So pray God will change their hearts or give us another location.

Thanks again for the prayer. On that subject I'd like to assemble a prayer team as I move taht will receive a newsletter (by email or hard copy) from Cross Trainers in addition to your commitment to pray. It will have more general needs of the whole ministry you can be praying for-but it's like a big family. And you're not going to get a bunch of "opportunities to save children's lives by buyng them llammas and chickens" It's just going to keep you up on what God's doing with the ministry that I'm a part of, and while i'll be blogging, it'll be more consistent I think (c: SO if you want to commit to praying for me, and the family of believers I'll be serving with, let me know, and I'll only give them your email/address if you want the newletter (c: Please let me know if you'd like to be a part of supporting me and cross trainers in prayer! (you can comment or email me: drummagirl12@hotmail.com)